• Analisis-fisicoquimicos

    First Mexican laboratory with international GLP-OECD certification

  • Analisis-microbiologicos

    We help guarantee the content of active ingredients in organic products made from living organisms.

  • Laboratorio-Agroquimico

    We guarantee the composition of fertilizers with methodologies that help ensure higher performance and lower ecological impact.

  • investigacion desarrollo metodos analiticos

    Can’t find the analysis you need in any laboratory? At Anderson we have the solution, as a research laboratory we develop and transfer new methodologies.


We guarantee the composition of the fertilizers with methodologies that help ensure a higher yield and less ecological impact.


We evaluate the stability of pesticides to ensure that the environment remains in balance.

Chemical industry

We offer analytical, research and technology development services (implementation of new methodologies), applied to the chemical industry in general, with instrumental analysis techniques such as HPLC, GC, UV-VIS, AA, etc.

Pharmaceutical laboratory

We support the pharmaceutical industry in validating and improving its processes, having trained personnel and equipment of the highest technologies and backed by the accreditation of the Mexican accreditation entity (Q-1236-197 / 20 INV-0623-005 / 15)

Microbiology Study

Microbiology Study

We ensure the safety of your products through the identification of pathogenic microorganisms.
We help guarantee the context of active ingredients in organic products made from living organisms.


We offer training courses for:

– Hygiene and safety.
– Order, cleanliness and discipline through the 5’s methodology.
– Internal auditors under ISO 19011.
– Quality basic tools.
– Formation of self-directed work teams.


Anderson Laboratories, recognized as the best LPG laboratory in Mexico, was founded in 2009 to meet the growing market need in the area of agrochemicals, with 100% Mexican capital. As a leading GLP Laboratory, we have highly qualified personnel to carry out tests, make decisions and support our clients in resolving technical doubts.


We take care of you and our environment, merging the experience of our shareholders, customers, suppliers and collaborators, providing analytical services with veracity, impacting the life and economy of each of them in a positive way.




To be a leading company in the practice of physicochemical tests at national and international level.
Be a company committed to preserving the ecology and social responsibility of its members.
Achieve to be a world-class laboratories in research and development of new products for the agrochemical, food and drug industry.

Quality Policies

At Anderson Laboratories, a company dedicated to the preparation of physicochemical tests, the management and all staff have an ethical commitment to good professional practice, carrying out activities impartially to ensure the quality of our product and to satisfy needs efficiently and effectively. of our clients. By permanently maintaining compliance with current 17025 standard and GLP. Managing the risks of our processes and making continuous improvement a habit.