• Fertilizer Analysis


Discover the Power of Quality in Fertilizer Analysis!

Welcome to the fascinating world of fertilizers, where each compound plays a vital role in plant growth and health. At Anderson Laboratories, we are pleased to present our specialized service in the physicochemical analysis of fertilizers, backed by our prestigious GLP-OECD and ISO-17025 accreditation.

Fertilizers are essential to ensure the health and productivity of agricultural crops. From basic compounds such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to vital micronutrients such as zinc and iron, fertilizers play a crucial role in optimizing plant growth and crop quality.

At Anderson Laboratories, we employ cutting-edge technology and advanced analytical methodologies to carry out detailed physicochemical studies of fertilizers. Our highly trained team and state-of-the-art instruments allow us to offer accurate and reliable results in each analysis.

Our physicochemical studies provide crucial information on the composition, nutrient concentration and quality of fertilizers. This data is essential for farmers, fertilizer manufacturers and regulatory bodies, allowing them to make informed decisions to improve agricultural efficiency, sustainability and profitability.

Quality and safety are our top priority. Our GLP-OECD and ISO-17025 accreditation ensures that our processes meet the highest international standards, providing accurate and reliable results that our clients can trust.

We have had the privilege of working with numerous satisfied customers in the agricultural and fertilizer industry. Our success stories and testimonials highlight how our physicochemical analyzes have contributed to the development of high-quality products, increased agricultural productivity and improved environmental sustainability.

At Anderson Laboratories, we are committed to promoting innovation and sustainable development in the fertilizer industry. Our physicochemical studies help identify opportunities for formula optimization, waste reduction and improved nutrient use efficiency, thereby supporting more sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Are you ready to maximize the potential of your fertilizers and take your agricultural production to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about our fertilizer physicochemical analysis services and find out how we can help you achieve your specific business and agricultural goals!

Analysis List

  • Determination of alginic acid
  • Determination of humic and fulvic acids
  • Sulfur Determination
  • Determination of Biuret
  • Determination of Boron
  • Determination of Organic Carbon
  • Determination of Chlorides
  • Determination of Chromium VI
  • Determination of hardness in water
  • Determination of Phosphorus
  • Determination of organic matter
  • Determination of heavy metals in formulations (As, Cd, Pb, Hg, Se, Cr, Ni)
  • Determination of combined ammonia nitrogen
  • Determination of Nitrogen Nitrogen modified Jones method
  • Determination of total Nitrogen using litmus indicator
  • Determination of total Nitrogen using red methyl indicator
  • Determination of Uretic Nitrogen
  • Determination of urea nitrogen
  • Determination of minor nutrients (Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Ca, Mg, Al, Na, K, Mo, Co)
  • Determination of Silicon and Aluminum